About Us


Israel Vardi is a jeweler with more than 25 years in the profession who began his career in the business as a stone setter. Israel Vardi has a factory in the Israel Diamond Exchange complex where he works on all stages of jewelry production, from planning and design to creating the finished jewelry piece. He specializes in stone-setting and design of high-end jewelry, with an emphasis on using natural color diamonds.
The jewelry-making process begins by working on the design model with the client and understanding the customer's exact jewelry requirements. A three-dimensional model of the jewelry is then designed on a computer and printed on a 3D printer.
The 3D model is then produced in wax and moves to the gold-casting process (or other metal, depending on which precious metal the client desires). After creating the jewelry piece, the gold-crafting process starts, where each section is polished separately in order to obtain a uniform quality for all the parts. This method gives each part of the finished jewel the best possible appearance. This could not be achieved if the jewelry item was created as one piece in the initial planning stage. After the preliminary polish, the jewelry piece is soldered together and moves on to stone-setting.
Our stone-setting process is carried out at the highest professional level, from the planning of the holes for the stones in order to create maximum and uniform stone compactness through to the final, perfect jewel.
The final polish of the piece is done by a craftsman using a special machine and brushes which create a perfect uniform result. In this final element of the process, the craftsman uses a microscope to achieve the highest levels of accuracy.

We create jewelry from the following precious metals:
14K and 18K white, yellow and red gold 
Platinum, palladium and silver
Metal coating in white, yellow, red, black and blue

We specialize in the following type of stone-setting:
Inlay, canal and invisible settings
Settings for high-end watches
Setting of expensive center stones to the highest professional level

Our factory has a special laser machine for the soldering of complex jewelry designs and for jewelry pieces featuring colored gemstones rather than using a flame which could damage the jewelry piece.